Kwendi Media Audit

Kwendi Media Audit is the leading Ukrainian media audit company providing media consultancy services in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Our mission is to help marketers increase the efficiency of their media performance and make them confident that their media spendings meet high standards of quality at competitive cost. Everything we do is intended to make media strategy, media planning and buying processes better understandable, more transparent and technologically advanced.

We service 70+ clients in 14 countries. Kwendi Media Audit team created 1000+ audit reports, managed 50+ media pitches, implemented tens of trainings and consultancy projects. Currently we audit more than 30% of GRPs sold on Ukrainian TV market.

In cooperation with the leading global media consultancy professionals we provide top quality expertise for marketing and procurement teams of international and local companies throughout the region. We have direct access to necessary market data and vast experience in matching international reporting standards to local market specifics.

Kwendi Media Audit owners don’t have other media businesses. This means we always recommend what we do believe is the best for our clients.

Post media audit

Post media audit allows to verify the quality of media agency work. It is needed if you look for the answers on the following:

  • Did media strategy meet brief requirements, competitive environment and brand’s communication tasks?
  • Was planning and buying the best possible related to the key performance indicators of media strategy, competitive environment and market practices?
  • Were key media indicators planned and accomplished correctly, were campaigns’ budgets estimated appropriately?
  • Were purchasing prices optimal according to market benchmarks, seasonality, budget volume and other parameters?

Post media audit gives the possibility to specify areas for improvement in media performance and optimize planning and buying for next periods.

Pitch management

Kwendi Media Audit experts help Ukrainian and international companies choose media agencies since 2006. We speak common language with company’s marketing and procurement teams as well as media agencies teams.

With the help of our experts, you will:

  • Create the media brief and choose participating agencies
  • Set up timing and procedures for media pitch
  • Make thorough analyses of proposals
  • Conclude the contract with the winner that includes all necessary garanties

Media consultancy

Kwendi Media Audit helps marketers enhance the effectiveness of cooperation with their media agencies.

We regularly do personal consulting and trainings for companies’ staff and TOP-managers.

  • Svetlana Kalinina
    Kwendi Media Audit managing partner

    Svetlana works in media since 1986, started at the Ukrainian State Television. She was Media director of Linea12/McCANN ERICKSON (from 2001 – MD of Universal McCANN) for 10 years. In 2006 Svetlana headed Kwendi Media Audit.

    She earned MBA degree in International Management Institute (MIM-Kyiv).

  • Renata Polischuk
    KWENDI+RMA partner

    Graduated from Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of MSU and started her career in media in 1999. After successful work as media group head in Initiative Media Moscow, she has been director of planning and media director Initiative Media Kyiv, and also – MPG Kyiv general director. In 2009 Renata joined Kwendi expert group as the leading expert on media audit. In 2014 she became KWENDI+RMA partner.

  • Olga Zhuravlyova
    Leading expert in media audit

    Olga started her career in media in 2004 in Media Direction Ukraine agency as TV planner. Then she worked as media planner and media group head. In 2011 Olga became agency’s media director. In April 2014 she joined Kwendi Media Audit team.

  • Victoria Kalugina
    Leading expert in media audit

    Victoria has 10+ years experience in Advertising. Started as an Account Manager at Linea 12/McCann Erickson in 1997 and promoted to Account Director later on. In 2008 she left the Agency as Media Planner on maternity leave.

    In 2014 Victoria joined Kwendi as leading expert in media audit.

  • Konstantin Bogomolov
    OOH expert

    Started his work in advertising as media buyer in Visage/Publicis agency in 1997. Continued his career as OOH department head in B&B and Media Direction Ukraine from 1998 till 2005. Then he worked for OOH operator N-Outdoor until 2007.

    Konstantin serviced such clients as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, UMC, Reemtsma, LEK Foxtrot, Siemens.

  • Tatyana Guz
    Media audit expert
    Tatyana joined Kwendi Media Audit team as media audit expert in 2012. In 2013 she graduated from Institute of Application System Analysis of NTUU KPI.
  • Kira Kasianova
    Media audit expert
    Kira graduated from NTUU KPI, Institute for applied system analyses in 2009. From 2009 to 2011 she studied at the graduate school. Works in Kwendi Media Audit since 2008.