05.11.2014 Kwendi News
Renata Polischuk becomes the partner of media-audit company KWENDI+RMA

08.10.2014 Kwendi News
Ukrainians try to optimize expenses without reduction of living standards

11.09.2014 Kwendi News
Andrey Taranov will speak on "Television as business 2014" conference

03.06.2014 Kwendi News
Kwendi Impact Studies polling: the major Ukrainian advertising holdings forecast the media-inflation level in 2014 from 0% to 15% in different media

21.05.2014 Kwendi News
Kwendi RusMediaAudit analytics for U channel has bypassed First channel by efficiency

02.03.2014 Kwendi News
KWENDI group appeal concerning the military aggression of Russian Federation

26.12.2013 Personal
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

21.11.2013 Work
Congratulations on World Television Day!

08.10.2013 Kwendi News
Ukraina TV channel is on the top of promo activities' rating Kwendi TV Promo Monitor over the 8 month of 2013

01.10.2013 Quotations
Andrey Taranov comment on cooperation of the largest social networks and American TV channels

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