Kwendi Impact Studies is one of the leading Ukrainian companies dealing with audio-visual content research. Company is founded in 2008. Among Kwendi Impact Studies clients major media holdings and FMCG companies of Ukraine and Russia.

We are the only company specialized on TV product perception testing. Working with all leading TV holdings of Ukraine, we have been studying people reactions on dozens of serials, films and programs of different genres. Large practical experience, patented technologies and integration into the leading media consulting group let us solve the widest range of problems about analyzing of perception for whichever (incl. hard-hitting) audiences.
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Data of commercial advertising testing creates possibilities to improve the quality and efficiency of clients communication. We know the market from the sides of agencies, companies and media. We deeply understand the problems of marketing managers and help with setting priorities in the communication from the strategy view.
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In 2012 Kwendi Impact Studies successfully realized the first Auditorium Music Test for radio stations.

Kwendi Impact Studies constantly widens the directions of research, develops new methodologies, software as well as hardware to focus on specific tasks. Our innovational approach resulted in Kwendi Impact Meter 2.0 technology creation. It has proved its practical efficiency and is based on analyses of our own unique database, that contains the information about perception of more than 1200 tested TVCs.

If you need to learn what the audience thinks about your serial or program, how the listener perceives your playlist or how the customer likes/dislikes your TVC please, dont hesitate to contact us.

If you cogitate which actor fits the role better please, dont hesitate to contact us.

If you cant make a decision on animatic development please, dont hesitate to contact us.

Everything we do is focused on the growth of clients communication efficiency. Tell us about your challenge and well help you to solve it.