Kwendi mass communications expertise & management the marketing solution house specializing in communication in media with offices in Kyiv (Ukraine) and Moscow (Russia).

Now we work in 4 main directions:
Media marketing
PR for media
Media audit
Research of perception in media

For last 3 years, Kwendi audited more than 300 ad campaigns, prepared more than 150 analytic reports, managed more than 30 media pitches. Also we have done media audit in Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, Azerbajdzhan. Kwendi Media Audit is an official partner of 4 biggest international media audit companies. By our estimation, media audit can increase the advertising investments effectiveness on 10-40% of media budget after the first year of cooperation with auditor. Managing partner of Kwendi Media Audit  Svetlana Kalinina.

In 2010 Kwendi, jointly with RusMediaAudit, created JC "Kwendi+RMA" one of the largest media auditor of Russia and CIS. More information on

Since 2005 we've implemented dozens of projects for different media (TV, radio, press, internet, outdoor) for media holdings, agencies and industrial associations. In 2009 we launched the research departament Impact Studies: research of perception in media.

Our projects include development and tracking of marketing strategies for big Ukrainian TV-channels, full marketing support of glossy and news magazines launchs, PR campaigns, etc. lients who can recommend us are succesfull media brands. We also did analytics, strategies and communication work for Moldova, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan markets. Clear specialization allows to accumulate unique experience and relations, to understand core processes at the media market. We are happy to share with our clients all we know.

Kwendi is a group of experts having both operational and strategic management experience. We propose simple, effective and efficient solutions that always can be put into practice. We build 'ecological' relations with our clients and try to supervise projects up to the measurable results.

We don't have external investments and do not depend on other structures. But we do have access to research and market insights.

The founders of Kwendi are Igor Ostrakov and Andrey Taranov.